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Hello and welcome to my year 2 blog! To navigate the blog, please use the navigation buttons up in the top right.

The links are as follows:

Home & Navigation – What you’re reading right now!

About – Meet the developer

Contact – Get in contact with me here

Jam Weeks – 5 1-week intensive creative projects, on different aspects of design

IBM Jam – Working on the IBM backed game Bank Boss, and all that entailed.

Research & Ideation –  Sketchbook guide and any other research I did are found here

Games Design Document – What it says on the tin, this is where I cover what my game Redshift is and the content within

  • Pitch & Overview is a summary of the game, along with the target audience information
  • Design Goals cover the aims for user experience during development
  • Mechanics contains all posts on the different gameplay elements and other mechanical designs within the game
  • World details all of the lore and world building for the game’s world
  • Audio contains directions for both music and in-game audio
  • UI & Controls contains details of the HUD, the menus and both keyboard+mouse and controller mapping details